Data Virtue offers Nevitium Invoice Manager, free to download and use. Nevitium is a desktop software solution for creating invoices, quotes, managing inventory, and tracking customer payments. There are no automated updates, ads, or tracking of any kind in the software--and it works on most desktop operating systems. Efforts are underway to open source Nevitium in 2022.


To promote open trade and access to the market for all in the global community by providing powerful and easy-to-use business software for small businesses and entrepreneurs--free of charge. Through association with people who value morally infused trade, and by discouraging transactions with those who do not, Data Virtue hopes to be a small part of the solution to the problems caused by socially unconscionable business practices in the world.


To empower small businesses with the tools and capabilities that are more often only available to larger, more established companies.

Sean K Anderson

Sean Anderson - Developer