DreamHost Promo Code

If you are ready for serious web hosting then you crave DreamHost. They have shared hosting for basic websites, for those who don't need server-level control or scalability, and VPS hosting for growing businesses. Data Virtue runs on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) on DreamHost. VPS is for websites that are growing or that have more demanding needs. You can scale VPS resources (and your expenses) in real-time from the admin panel. Plans for VPS start at $15 per month for 300MB of RAM resources and shared hosting starts at $8.95 per month. I have tried several of the top hosting companies and DreamHost is the best, I use it because it provides the best value.

Promo Code: DATAVIRTUE ($50 discount and FREE lifetime domain registration)

Save yourself some money when you sign up with the best hosting company in the world. Use the promo code DATAVIRTUE when you sign up at DreamHost to save $50 on hosting and get free lifetime domain registration. Like I said, DreamHost is the best value!

When you use the DATAVIRTUE promo code all of the affiliate revenue from that code goes toward paying our hosting expenses for distributing Nevitium Invoice Manager.