Data Virtue offers Nevitium Invoice Manager, free to download and use. Nevitium is a desktop software solution for making invoices, quotes, managing inventory, and tracking customer payments. There are a bunch of other features that stay out of the way unless you need them. It works with all recent versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX that have Java installed.

Data Virtue does not embed adware, promos, or require registration for the use of this free software nor does it track useage in any way. You can get basic support for free--let me know about bugs and they will be fixed. Nevitium is currently one of the top search results in the world when searching for free invoice software. Web hosting and some development costs are offset by Google ads (when people click) seen on the download and home page of this website. Nevitium makes use of numerous open source software projects.

Nevitium has a user base that spans the entire globe. Support and downloads are very active, and many people report using Nevitium for three years or more.


Data Virtue seeks to promote honest and friendly open trade in the global community by providing powerful and easy-to-use business software for small businesses and entrepreneurs free of charge. Through association with people who value morally infused trade and discouraging transactions with those who do not, Data Virtue hopes to be a part of the solution to the problems caused by socially unconcious business practices.


Data Virtue is working to become the premier provider of friendly software for small businesses by developing Nevitium Invoice Manager. Nevitium should enable a small company to be competitive with large corporations by empowering them with control over thier information, letting them service their customers quickly and efficiently so they can concentrate on what they do best, and removing barriers to entry. Nevitium must be easy to find for anyone wanting free invoice software.

Sean K Anderson

Sean Anderson - Developer